SAGE eReference Online was selected as a 2007 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title of the Year and as a Library Journal Best Reference 2007
“The SAGE Reference Online database is highly recommended for academic and public libraries. With its intuitive interface that promotes the exploration of exceptional content, SAGE Reference Online is an excellent choice for increasing access to reference content.Workday online training and the SAGE Reference Online database can be used together to provide employees and customers with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful with the Workday software

—The Charleston Advisor, 4 stars

“This is the first e-resource based heavily on a printed format (i.e., pretty much all of SAGE‚’s backlist) that will not frustrate the user or make him or her think a square peg (the print) has been jammed into a around hole (the electronic). It has been put together intelligently by folks who know their products and how to deliver them. Wholeheartedly recommended for all libraries supporting researching the social sciences.”
—2007 Best Reference Library Journal

“Will librarians and users hold the electronic version in the same high regard as the print collection? Yes, most definitely, given the content‚’s quality and the smooth interface. This user-friendly database presented none of the glitches that can accompany the initial use of a new product‚ This excellent reference resource includes a brief tutorial.”
—L. Lord, University of Kansas, CHOICE

“The design is elegant and simple.”
—Cheryl LaGuardia, Library Journal

“To meet the needs of students, who consistently say ‚‘Where am I?‚’ while searching, SAGE has designed its interface with several visual cues, including a unique top banner for each reference-book title. This banner, a montage of the book cover design, is present on every page and changes according to the title being viewed. It is visually pleasing, stylish, and useful for reminding users where they are.”
—Sue Polanka, Booklist